1000 Shillings serves the woman in the Namatala slum of Uganda by empowering women to create sustainable local businesses that provide for their families and create economic prosperity in the community.

Partnering with a local organizations, Child of Hope, each year 1000 Shillings supports business training and mentorship as well as business grants for a cohort of motivated mothers. 1000 Shillings began in 2012. At the onset, 1000 Shillings supported women with individual business grants of $200 each. In 2019, in partnership with Child of Hope and the women we serve in Namatala, 1000 Shillings transitioned to providing grants to savings and loan groups comprised of 10 women each in Namatala. These groups give women access to capital to start or grow a local business in her community. Through income generated through local businesses, women of 1000 Shillings are able to grow support their families and save for their futures.

Donations and the sale of Ugandan artisan products provide the financial support for each new class of women entrepreneurs and support to savings and loan groups.

Rebecca celebrating Christmas with ladies in 2014.

Rebecca celebrating Christmas with ladies in 2014.


Rebecca co-founded 1000 Shillings in 2012 while working in the Namatala slum of Uganda. Her previous experience in development and public health led to her passion for community development and women’s entrepreneurship. Rebecca holds a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a masters in nurse practitioner studies. Rebecca runs 1000 Shillings and also works as a primary care nurse practitioner at a clinic for immigrants and refugees in the United States.  

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1000 Shillings partners with Child of Hope for business mentoring, training and facilitation of savings and loan groups. Child of Hope is a school in the Namatala slum that provides free education, healthcare, welfare, food and clothing to kids from the poorest and most vulnerable families in the slum. Child of Hope also works closely with the mothers of these children to help with income generating projects.

The first group of women 1000 Shillings worked with in 2012.

The first group of women 1000 Shillings worked with in 2012.


1000 Shillings was born in the Namatala slum. While working in Uganda with single mothers, we realized many of the mothers were creative, industrious individuals who had ideas and hopes to start their own businesses – they just lacked the capital to begin. 1000 Shillings started with the aim of filling this need.



The Crested Crane is the national bird of Uganda. This animal symbolizes the beginnings of 1000 Shillings working with six Ugandan women in the Namatala slum of Uganda. 1000 Shillings became the name of the company based on the amount of money that the average woman in the Namatala slum lives on per day – approximately 1,000 Ugandan Shillings ($.30).