“I joined because it was good.”

Juliet joined 1000 Shillings for the opportunity to start and grow a business, but also to join a community of supportive women in Namatala. 1000 Shillings has worked in the Namatala community for three years, and many women have heard of the program before joining. Juliet heard about other women starting successful business through the program, and she was excited to join. However, she was also eager to join because of the opportunity to meet the group of women brought together through 1000 Shillings.


“The other ladies are encouraging” says Juliet. “This is about the development of women.”

It’s exceedingly difficult to start a business, even harder to start without any support. 1000 Shillings provides financial support and business mentorship. However, a beautiful result of the program has been the sustaining support and encouragement the women give each other. The community formed through 1000 Shillings has enabled the women to become more resilient business owners and ultimately contributed to their success.

When asked what the best day of her life was, Juliet replied, “ I’ve not yet had my best day. It’s coming.”




Juliet lives alone with her son Bob, who attends school at Child of Hope in Namatala. Bob and Juliet found a refugee at Child of Hope.

Child of Hope is the partner organization to 1000 Shillings, and a primary school serving the most vulnerable children of Namatala. Child of Hope educates one child from the poorest families in Namatala, while also providing services to the families of these children. Bob has been fortunate enough to attend Child of Hope. Without the help from Child of Hope, Juliet would not be able to afford the school fees necessary to send Bob to school.

“I can’t thank them enough,” says Juliet. “They care for bob. They treat him when he is sick. He is getting a good education at COH.” 


Juliet loves to do hair, and plans to use her business grant from 1000 Shillings to grow and establish a salon in Namatala. Earlier this year, Juliet started a small shop on a well traveled corner in Namatala. Already, she has established a regular customer base.

“She knows hair! This one knows many styles,” says Asha who comes to Juliet to get her hair braided.

In order to be competitive with other beauticians, Juliet needs to be able to offer straightening and other complex treatments. Therefore, Juliet intends to buy the chemicals needed for hair treatments with her grant from 1000 Shillings. Juliet is confident in her salon and the potential for the business to sustain her family.

Most important, Juliet has found a profession that she loves.

“I like the salon because doing hair is my hobby. I love this.”