Agnes, her husband and seven children, formerly lived in a one-room house. A part from a few chairs the home didn’t have any furniture, including mattresses, which left the family to sleep on the dirt floor.

The rainy season is especially hard, as rain trickles in from the ceiling and falls onto the dirt floor. “We slept on the ground, in the mud,” explains Agnes.

Although things are still hard for Agnes and her family, they have been able to move into a new two-room home!

 “It’s safe, not noisy, the latrines are close, it’s permanent (cemented floors and walls), and the landlord is promising to wire the house.”

Agnes is hoping that with the profits she earns from her business she can purchase two mattresses, one for each room.

When asked what she most looked forward to in moving into her new home, Fionna, Agnes daughter, said, “I’ll be happy to mop a real floor!”

Agnes selling rice on the ground before she used her grant to buy a stand. 

Agnes selling rice on the ground before she used her grant to buy a stand. 


Agnes hopes the business classes and grant will allow her to increase generated income from her rice business. There are many goals that Agnes has set for her business. After ten years of selling rice atop a blanket on the ground at a local market in Namatala, Agnes used her grant from 1000 Shillings, Agnes bought wood and roofing materials to construct a stand for her rice-selling business.  This stand enables her to sell in the market and attract more customers, fulfilling her goal of strengthening her business.