Annette sits in the corner of her one-bedroom home in Musotto, her Bible in hand.

“John 3:16 is my favorite verse,” she says.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” she says and closes the book, a warm smile stretched across her face.

Annette’s life as a devout Christian began at the tender age of seven, when she started attending Sunday school. Since, Annette’s dedication to her faith has been instrumental in her life’s journey.

“Tuesday is our prayer and fasting day,” Annette explains about her local church, “On Wednesday night, we have our miracle service, where we pray for the people who are sick and suffering.” And on Sunday, Annette teaches Sunday school. In addition, Annette also ventures door-to-door to spread God’s love and educate those who want to know more about Him.

When asked how she keeps her faith so resilient in the face of such adversity, Annette simply reminds us that God has his reasons for everything.

“When someone passes through a hard life, it makes it easier for them to make a difference in the future for someone else,” she preaches. “We are all here for a purpose. We are all here to help one another.”

Annette at her cassava flour business. 

Annette at her cassava flour business. 


“I learned how to run a business and how to plan for a business,” she states. Annette claims the greatest takeaway she’s had from the 1000 Shillings program is aiming to achieve goals. “I want to buy land, where I can build a home and raise cattle—a cow or bull,” Annette says.

Annette’s cassava business has struggled with the seasons and with her health. However, she believes the business classes from 1000 Shillings have assisted her in finding creative avenues to source more income during the bad seasons. Small businesses, such as selling hard boiled eggs, and even sewing clothes, have helped Annette to maintain a healthy living for herself and her four children.