Last year, Peace could barely support her family or pay her rent. At one point, her situation grew so dire that her landlord threatened to evict Peace and her family from their home because they did not have consistent funds to pay the rent.

Once Peace received her grant from 1000 Shillings, she used the money towards the creation of her own charcoal business.

 “Charcoal is the best business,” Peace said proudly as she grabbed a handful of charcoal. She sells her charcoal for 500 shillings ($0.20 U.S. dollar) for a small bucket of charcoal and 1000 shillings ($0.40 U.S. dollar) for a large bucket.

With a renewed sense of confidence, Peace has high hopes to expand her business, and open a large shop where she can sell her charcoal as well as posho, sugar and rice.

“Charcoal is the best business,” Peace said proudly



Since joining 1000 Shillings, Peace has made much progress. She is the proud owner of a charcoal business, which helps support her
family of six.


When asked how 1000 Shillings has impacted her life, Peace responded: “I remember when I first joined 1000 Shillings. I could barely buy water, but now I can. 1000 Shillings has helped me buy food for my children. I am also able to purchase school books!”


These days, Peace and Phillip’s love remains stronger than ever. Together, they have been through numerous trials and tribulations from getting evicted from their home to the day-to-day struggles that come along with being parents to 5 children.

“Even when we have nothing, we stick together. We do not blame each other,” says Peace quietly.

What Peace loves the most about her husband, Phillip, is that he has manners and is well-behaved.

“He gives all the love required,” smiles Peace .


Ask Peace and she will proudly tell you how she prays three times a day—morning, afternoon, and in the evening. Sometimes she even prays for hours at a time. Peace actions clearly show that she knows personally the meaning of dedication and reverence.

Growing up, Peace’s parents often encouraged her to have a strong faith. Every Sunday, Peace was sent to Sunday school where she learned the word of God. As a mother, Peace does the same for her children. She wants them all to hold the same ideals and morals she holds true in her life; therefore, her and Phillip have chosen to raise  them Christian just as she was. 

Despite Peace’s many struggles, she stills keeps faith.

“Even if I have nothing, I pray and I believe God will do something,” says Peace, “Sometimes after prayer, someone will come with money or food. I have faith I will get. God sees the children he produced. He will provide for them.”

Phillip, Peace's husband, at their Church, The Mustard Seed. 

Phillip, Peace's husband, at their Church, The Mustard Seed.